Why You Should Still Keep Waxing In Cooler Weather

When the weather gets cooler, you start to switch out your shorts for long pants and cozy sweaters. This can make it tempting to cancel your waxing appointments for the next few months and just take control of the situation yourself or let the hair grow back. While that can seem appealing, we’re here to give you a few reasons to think about why you should keep up with those waxing sessions all year long.

Say Hello To Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs Again

Remember when you started waxing regularly and you realized how much silkier and smoother your legs could be versus shaving? Gone were the days of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. If you go back to shaving instead of waxing, you’ll have to deal with those issues again. As well as having to remember to purchase razors and shaving cream.

You’ll Have To Start Over Again In Spring

In addition to getting your razor bumps and ingrown hairs under control when you started getting waxed regularly, there are also other benefits. Getting waxed regularly helps to encourage your hair to grow in less frequently. That means that if you keep waxing, your skin will continue with this growth pattern. If you stop waxing and go back to shaving, your hair follicles will need to get accustomed to being wax when spring comes around and you start scheduling your appointments again.

You Still Want to Feel Sexy

Just because you aren’t showing off your legs to the world, doesn’t mean that your significant other wouldn’t appreciate smooth skin. When you’re getting waxed regularly, you probably don’t even think about having prickly skin in more intimate moments. Even just cuddling up and watching a movie could mean an embarrassing, unexpected surprise for you both. Avoid that and keep up with your waxing and you won’t have to think twice.

Before you consider ditching waxing in the colder months, remember that you will get the best results if you are getting consistently waxed. To schedule your next waxing appointment, contact our Bloomington office today and call us at 309-323-8120.

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