What to Expect from Your Plastic Surgeon

You may be feeling a little intimidated while waiting for your first appointment with your plastic surgeon. Anxiety and worry are common forplastic surgeon anyone expecting to undergo a procedure, whether it is for medical or cosmetic reasons. You can put your mind at ease — your plastic surgeon is competent, educated, and capable.

When you first come in to the office, you will be welcomed and after a short wait in the lobby, a medical assistant will show you to your room. He or she will explain the procedure you are considering. Then you will meet your surgeon. If you have any questions about the procedure, this is the time to ask. Don’t forget – they are there to make sure you understand what is going to happen. They want you to be comfortable and educated. If you are anxious or worried, you might not be ready for the procedure.

Your doctor will have your physical and mental health history. He or she will discuss with you your best options. He/she will want to know what kind of results you are looking for so that he/she can make the best decisions about how to proceed. While you are there, you should always ask about the financial aspect, so that you can be put on a payment schedule.

You don’t need to make a decision immediately. You can take as much time as you need to make sure you want to go through with the surgery. You will feel more comfortable if you do some personal research and find out as much as possible before you go in for your consultation. This is another way to ensure you know what the doctor is talking about when he/she discusses the procedure with you. It’s always helpful to understand the terms that are used.

While you are visiting for the first time, you will have the opportunity to get to know the doctor. You should be just as comfortable with the education you are given in regards to the procedure as you are with the doctor who will perform it. Both are important to getting the best results.

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