What does a forehead lift do?

Forehead LiftA forehead lift can help reduce the signs of aging as it tightens loose skin, smooths forehead wrinkles and corrects drooping brows. If you’ve been considering a forehead lift, also called a brow lift, you may have questions about methods and recovery. Here, we take a deeper look at this popular surgical procedure.

Two types of lifts

There are two methods that can lift your forehead and eyebrow area. The endoscopic incision or endoscopic lift is the preferred method as it comes with less recovery time and scarring. During this procedure, the surgeon will make 3-5 small incisions in the hairline. The surgeon will then insert a small tube that has a camera on the end of it through one of the small incisions, which gives a better view of the treatment area. Other small surgical tools will go through the other incisions to manipulate the muscle and tissues under the skin to correct creases, wrinkles and droopiness.

The second method is called a coronal lift or coronal incision. This consists of one long incision that spans from ear to ear above the hairline. The surgeon makes muscle and tissue adjustments prior to re-draping the skin and trimming excess skin. This scar will be hidden within the hairline.


It will take 10-14 days for your incisions to heal initially. Your forehead will be taped or wrapped loosely initially to minimize swelling and bruising. A small tube may be placed under the skin to drain excess blood and fluid.

Patients can return to their normal activities within two weeks. While you will notice results after surgery, you will see results improve as healing continues for several weeks or months.

A forehead lift is a surgical procedure that’s often done on its own or at the same time as other surgical procedures, including a facelift. If you are interested in learning more about this and seeing if you’re a candidate, call 309-323-8120 to set up a consultation in our Bloomington office.

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