The Rise of Male Plastic Surgery

When you think back to the early years of modern cosmetic surgery, the idea of a man looking into a cosmetic procedure would have been rather strange to say the least. These days things are different as men are generally looking after their grooming more than ever before.

We feel this is a wonderful turn of events to be embraced and celebrated! After all, why should women have all the fun?

botox for menOver recent years, we’ve noted a rise in male plastic surgery inquiries that’s been somewhere between significant and extraordinary. One of the more common procedures we’re asked about is male breast reduction. For millions of men, self-confidence or quality of life is negatively affected by breast tissue that’s saggy, uneven, or perhaps overly large. With a surgical procedure, it’s possible to restore a more desirable shape to the male breast area and leave few traces of the operation behind.

Also growing in popularity among men are facial procedures such as wrinkle filler injections and Botox – both of which can instantly take years off a patient’s face. And, of course, most men would do pretty much anything to never have to go through the pain of shaving again – precisely why laser hair removal for male patients has never been more popular.

We don’t like to look at male cosmetic surgery as something of a niche concept – to us it’s every bit as important and potentially life-changing as traditional female-focused plastic surgery.

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