Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Temperatures are warming up and signs of spring are finally making its way here. Many people like to “spring clean” their homes this time of year and throw out items that they might not be using or wearing anymore. You should also be doing the same with your skincare and makeup. Here are some tips for knowing whether to keep or toss the items in your medicine cabinet.

Throw Out Old Products

First things first, toss anything with an expiration date if it’s expired. This seems obvious, but many of us don’t realize that cosmetics expire and continue using them after they’re past their prime. This can be difficult if it’s a pricey item, but it likely isn’t working the way it was supposed to anymore or worse, bacteria could even be growing inside now. Trust us, it’s for the best to just let it go.

Wash Your Brushes

Secondly, if you’re not in the habit of regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, now is an excellent time to start. If you wear makeup or use those brushes every day, you should b washing them at least once a week. Bacteria and product build-up can make your brushes not only gross to use, but can even make them perform incorrectly. You may be mixing shades you’re not intending to.

Check your SPF

As with washing your brushes, you should be in the habit of wearing SPF daily but if you’re not, there’s no time like the present. If you do already wear SPF daily, it might be a good time to upgrade yours. If you’re wearing any SPF below 30, if it makes you break out, you don’t like how it makes your skin look, whatever, try a new product.


Now that you’ve gone through your makeup and skincare products, it’s likely there’s some gaps or holes. Try to consolidate the leftover products and decide if you miss any of the ones you threw out. If so, make a list of products to replace and possibly invest in some cute containers or organizers to help your area looking nice.

We hope these tips helped you “spring clean” your bathroom. If you have any questions about skincare products we’d recommend for your skin type, make an appointment with us by calling (309) 662-6772.

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