Spider Vein Removal Bloomington, IL

Vein Therapy with Nd:YAG laser

“Spider Veins” are small twisting and turning vessels that may appear red, purple, or blue in color, and can be seen through the skin as they are very near the skin surface. They can be annoying because spider veins form in highly visible places such as the face and legs. Fortunately, we have procedures at Twin City Plastic Surgery that will remove your different vascular lesions, not only spider veins on the legs and face, but also large telangiectasias, venous lakes, and hemangiomas.


This method uses an intense beam of light to target vascular lesion directly. When the light energy is converted to heat, it causes the lesion to collapse and fade away. The treatment may require more than one laser session and does not affect any of the surrounding tissue.  Over time, the vein will be completely absorbed by the body and disappear from sight.

Recovery from Spider Vein Removal

During your recovery, you may be required to wear supportive garments to help your legs heal. The treated areas will appear bruised and will feel cramped for a day or two after treatment. This discomfort is usually tolerable and will not require prescription medication. You may continue with your usual activities after a few days, although total recovery time varies from patient to patient.

Legs without spider veins at Twin City Plastic Surgery

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