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Twin City Plastic Surgery carries some of the best skincare lines available in Illinois. Please browse through the listed pages and call us at  (309) 662-6772 for more information. A jar of a skincare product on a table.


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What is SkinMedica?

SkinMedica is committed to advancing the science of skin rejuvenation through research and innovation. These products work in conjunction with your skin’s natural healing properties to help you have younger-looking skin, all from the inside out.

SkinMedica is a skincare company that was founded 20 years ago by a group of scientists. Their goal? To develop innovative skincare products based on research and clinical data. The plan was to eliminate products that provided quick fixes without long-term skin improvement solutions. 

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What is Obagi Skincare?

From the beginning back in the 1980s, Obagi has had a different approach to skincare. The company’s belief is that skincare is more than simply correcting or even preventing skin problems or issues — it’s about unleashing the skin’s full potential in each patient.

This focus has led to the creation of products intended for diverse skin types and skin tones. These are scientifically-backed, clinical-quality formulations that promote healthy, future-facing skin. Obagi has different lines, such as the Nu-Derm System for patients with pigmentation problems to the Obagi360System for younger patients, that are varied and created specifically to address the different skin types and skin problems out there.

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What is Revision Skincare?

Revision Skincare products are based on scientific research. The company has a team of scientists that drive the ingredient selection with innovative processes based on purity and strength. Revision uses five formulation principles for its products:

  1. Multiple pathways — Products are created to deliver results through multiple pathways.
  2. Peptides — Revision was the first to use peptides in its products.
  3. Skin Neutral ph— The majority of Revision products contain a skin neutral pH, which mimics your skin’s own pH levels.
  4. Microbiome technology — Revision seeks to harness the skin’s microbiome layer, which addresses the visible signs of aging.
  5. Synergistic usage — All Revision Skincare products are formulated to be used synergistically for complete compatibility across the line. This makes the products easy to use at home.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our skincare lines please contact us for a consultation with one of our physicians at 309-323-8120 or fill out our contact us form. We will discuss your needs and concerns, and determine your best course of action.

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