Side Effects from Plastic Surgery

Before you have any kind of surgery, you need to know the ins and outs of the procedure. You should have a good idea what to expect going into surgery, afterwards, and during your entire recovery period.

You can always seek out information online; there is a plethora out there. After this research, you’ll probably have more questions than you did before. Make a list of them and pose them to your surgeon.

plastic surgeryYou need to be comfortable with the results and the possible side effects of your surgery. Plastic surgery is not cheap, and in aesthetic cases it is not covered by insurance. Hopefully, you have thought ahead and determined that your surgery is feasible for your personal finances. Finances aside, prepare for possible emotional and physical challenges. Depending on the type of surgery you’ve elected to have, you may experience a variety of after-effects.

Prepare for post-surgery pain. When you undergo any type of surgery, your body is affected by the trauma to tissue and other areas. Since this is not normal, your body will react with pain while it heals.

Your doctor will determine if your pain is normal or abnormal and how much, if any, pain medication you need. Cosmetic surgery, especially facial surgeries, result in a lot of bruising. Don’t be surprised by this.

Sometimes after an involved procedure, your children, especially if they are very young, may not recognize you. This also depends on the kind of surgery you’ve elected to have. Explain the procedure ahead of time to anyone who might not understand what’s going on. After the surgery and recovery, you should be feeling much more confident and secure in yourself and your choice. While you are recovering, keep this end goal in mind. Many people find it easier to get through when they keep telling themselves that the reward at the end will justify the struggle.

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