Post Surgery Workouts: How to Stay In Shape During the Colder Months

winter-hatIf you have recently undergone any sort of weight loss surgery in order to get back the body you once had, don’t let it all go to waste during the colder months. As two of the most crucial aspects to maintaining any sort of healthy body and lifestyle, both diet and exercise don’t take a vacation— not even during the colder months. As the air gets a little bit colder and the food gets a little bit more butter in it, you might be nervous about how you’re going to stay in shape during the colder months. However, by following these tips, you can maintain your healthy body all year long.

  1. Stay Motivated

One of the biggest ways to get yourself to get outside and moving on a cold day is through mere motivation. Ask yourself what motivated you to get the surgery in the first place? Was it seeing pictures of other people’s bodies that got you feeling a little bit envious? Was it the fact that you couldn’t go hiking with your friends without feeling out of breath? Find the trigger that made you initially look into weight loss surgery and use it to stay motivated all year long. If it was pictures or quotes that motivated you to take the initial leap, try posting them up on the mirror in your bathroom for you to see every morning. These little pieces of motivation will help to encourage you to get outside and get moving even when the warm couch is calling.

  1. Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Come Halloween time, it can be hard to go anywhere without being tempted by candy, cookies, or even doughnuts. In order to keep your weight and health on track, try stocking up on healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even fruit leather. That way when a coworker brings in a plate of doughnuts in the morning, you can walk away from that sweet treat but still treat yourself to something that’s a little bit tasty. Plus, who knows, maybe you can pass on your good habits to everyone else in the office.

  1. Reward Yourself

If you set a goal for yourself not to indulge in treats for an entire week and you made that goal, reward yourself! For instance, if you’ve been wanting a new pair of running shorts or a new playlist to use at the gym, reward yourself with one of those things for sticking to your goal. And although you might want to reward yourself for every small victory you make, try setting even larger goals for yourself with bigger rewards in the end.

To learn more about how you can stay motivated this year, contact our office today!

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