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Never Let Them See You Sweat Again (December 2014)


You’ve Lost the Weight…Now What? (PDF) August 2013


Giving Your Skin A Fighting Chance (PDF) August 2013


Wondering About Plastic Surgery (PDF) July 2013


Top 10 Wrinkle Reducers (PDF) June 2013


Practicing Safe Sun Exposure (PDF) May 2013

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Regimen (PDF) April 2013


Breast Reconstruction after Cancer (PDF)


Sunscreen in the Winter (PDF)


Scar Revision – Is It Right For Me? (PDF)


Getting Your Flawless Look (PDF)


An Inside Look At Facelifts (PDF)


Arm Lift Surgery (PDF)


Get the Skinny on Liposuction (PDF)


Q & A about TNS Essential Serum® (PDF)


Spray Tans (PDF)


Why Medical Grade versus Over the Counter? (PDF)


The Truth About Chemical Peels (PDF)


“BRA” Day and “Pre”vivors (PDF)


Say Goodbye To Winter Skin (PDF)


Endoscopic Plastic Surgery (PDF)


Lose The Razor Let Us Laser (PDF)


Vitamin C Me! (PDF)


Adult Acne…Are you still fighting acne breakouts? (PDF)


Tips For The Most Common Skin Care Bloopers And Skin Sins To Avoid (PDF)


Fat Injections: Fill In or Fill Out! (PDF)


Male Breast Reduction (PDF)


Protect Your Investment (PDF)


The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes (PDF)


How Reasonable Are My Expectations? (PDF)


Restoring Your Youthful Appearance with IPL and Nd:YAG (PDF)


The Power of Pairing (PDF)


Injectables: Making Changes Without Going Under the Knife (PDF)


Tummy Tuck: Redesigning Your Midsection (PDF)


Understanding Breast Augmentation (PDF)


Twin City Plastic Surgery: Hometown Pride & Practice (PDF)


Seeing is Believing: Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid “Lift”) (PDF)


Top 10 Wrinkle Reducers (PDF) June 2013


To Tuck or Not to Tuck


Redesigning Your Midsection


Fat Injections Fill In or Fill Out!


More Than Skin Deep


Hello Hydration


Endoscopic Plastic Surgery


New Ways to Rejuvenate Skin


Scar Revision….Minimizing the Reminder of a Wound or Surgery


Spring Clean Your Skin Care Regimen


Practicing Safe Sun Exposure


Wondering About Plastic Surgery?


You’ve Lost the Weight – Now What?




Restoring the Breast


Restoring the Breast: Now or Later?


Mastectomy or Lumpectomy?


Breast Cancer Surgery and Intimacy


Breast Cancer Surgery and Self-Image


Saline or Silicone – Which One is Safer?


Breast Reduction Basics


820,210 feet: The Different Three Bra Sizes Can Make


Family Bonds Reduce Fears of Surgery


The Truth About Tummy Tucks


Bouncing the Belly Back After Baby


Investing in You: Paying for Your Plastic Surgery



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