Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Bloomington, IL

Laser Hair Removal Bloomington , IL

Unwanted facial and body hair is a common problem for both men and women, however it is a problem that can be solved with laser hair removal at Twin City Plastic Surgery and Oasis Medical Spa & Wellness in Bloomington, IL.

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This procedure removes unwanted facial and body hair for those who are tired of regular shaving, tweezing, and waxing by using highly concentrated light beams to penetrate into the hair follicles and destroy the hair.  Many patients choose this hair removal method over others because lasers are more precise and accurate and only target dark, coarse hair without harming the surrounding skin. Laser technology also offers rapid results, as every pulse treats many hairs. Even small areas such as the hairs in the upper lip can be removed in less than a minute.

How does laser hair removal work?

The key to laser hair removal isn’t the surface hair you see; it is the hair follicle. The the laser energy is briefly pulsed down onto the unwanted hair. The melanin in the hair shaft absorbs the light energy of the laser, which instantly converts to heat. That heat travels down the hair shaft into the follicle where the hair is anchored, and the heat damages the follicle, preventing it from growing hair in the future.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Before undergoing laser treatment, hairs on areas that require treatment will be trimmed or shaved down to a few millimeters above the surface of the skin.  Our aesthetician, a certified laser technician, will adjust the laser equipment according to the thickness, location, and color of your hair. Your skin color is also an important factor that is considered when delivering laser treatment.

During the procedure, you will wear appropriate eye gear in order to protect your eyes from the light source. Your skin will also be protected by applying a cool gel or using a special cooling device.  Our aesthetician will then deliver a light pulse to the treatment site and monitor your skin for any unusual reactions. After the procedure, any discomfort can be alleviated with ice packs or anti-inflammatory lotions and creams. You may need a follow-up treatment four to six weeks following your initial session.

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How long does a single laser hair removal session take?

Laser hair removal Bloomington, ILThe length of your session is completely dependent upon the area/areas you are having treated. This makes sense — your upper lip can be done in just minutes, while your legs may take an hour. Plan on between 10 minutes to one hour, and consider how large the area you are treating.

How many treatments will I need?

People wonder why all of their unwanted hair can’t be removed in a single treatment. The problem is that each of the three million or so hairs on our bodies operates independently of each other. The key to laser hair removal is catching the unwanted hair in the anagen, or growth, phase. When hair is transitioning to resting or is in the resting phase, it is not impacted by laser energy because the hair is already detaching from the follicle and is being shed. The key is for the hair to be fully engaged in the follicle, so that the laser energy can travel down the hair shaft, convert to heat, and damage the follicle. Because the individual hairs are moving between phases, it takes multiple laser treatments to affect as many hairs as possible. At Twin City/Oasis Medical Spa & Wellness, we’ve found that 6 to 10 treatments achieve the degree of hair reduction that pleases most patients.

What areas can I have laser hair removal?

People sometimes think of lasers and ray guns, but the laser energy used for laser hair removal isn’t strong enough to damage your skin. That makes laser hair removal available just about anywhere on your body. The exceptions are inside the nostrils, inside the ears, and the male genitalia.

If you’re wondering what areas are most popular with our Twin City/Oasis Spa patients, they are the bikini line, the underarms, the upper lip, the back, the sideburns, and the legs. Some men do their entire chest or back.

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Who is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal bloomington ilLaser hair removal has been done for 30 years now and with each passing year the laser technology gets better and better. Still, the laser needs to be able to differentiate between the skin color and the hair color. And darker hair absorbs laser energy more efficiently than lighter hair colors. The best candidates are patients with dark hair and pale skin. This contrast makes it easy for the laser wavelength to be set to the darker hair color for easy targeting. This makes it harder to target blond, grey, or white hair. Fine hair also doesn’t respond as well.

For patients with darker skin tones, the pulse duration needs to be lengthened, but the power reduced, which decreases the effectiveness to a degree. The laser’s patented chill tip still ensures patient comfort, even with longer pulse durations.

Pregnant or nursing women are not allowed to have laser hair removal, simply as a precautionary measure.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The laser energy is delivered in very short pulses. Plus, the tip of the laser has a cooling device. Our patients say each pulse feels somewhat like a small rubber band being snapped against the skin. This is immediately followed by a cooling sensation. For more sensitive areas, we apply topical numbing cream prior to treatment.

Are there risks involved with laser hair removal?

As mentioned above, lasers have been used for laser hair removal for almost 30 years, and the process was extensively tested prior to receiving FDA clearance and then becoming commercially available. Laser hair removal has proven to be reliable, effective, and safe. The most common side effects after treatment include skin irritation, such as redness and slight swelling on the treatment sites. This usually passes within a few hours. The areas treated may feel like they are sunburned for a day or so.

Recovery from Laser Hair Reduction

It is normal for your skin to feel sunburned for one to two days following your laser hair reduction procedure. You may apply cool compresses andLaser Hair Removal Bloomington skin moisturizers to help ease the burned sensation. Unless your skin is blistering, you can wear makeup the day after your procedure. The hair on the treated areas will start falling out over the next month. During this time, always wear an effective sunscreen to prevent any discoloration of your skin.


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