Keep Your Chin Up! Chin Augmentation Info

The chin can be a major defining feature of your face which is leading more and more people to consider chin augmentation surgery. A chin augmentation sets out to enhance your face and bring symmetry and harmony to the rest of your facial features. Depending on your goals, a chin augmentation procedure can be done to make it bigger or longer compared to the rest of your face.

If you have a weak or receding chin, you’re likely a good candidate for chin augmentation. To determine other criteria that makes you a good candidate, you’ll have to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery to further discuss your goals and expectations of this procedure. We’ll also discuss the risks, recovery, and possible side effects.

What Can I Expect During Chin Augmentation?

A chin augmentation procedure does require you to be placed under general anesthesia. After you’re under, an incision is made underneath your chin or inside your mouth so the implant can be placed. Depending on your consultation, your surgeon may place a silicone implant on your chin or use real fat tissue and bone.

What is Recovery from Chin Augmentation Like?

It’s common to experience some soreness and discomfort near the treated areas following your procedure. If you closely follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your surgeon you can hopefully avoid feeling too much pain or discomfort. You will be prescribed pain medications to manage the pain and those should be taken as directed. Your chin may feel like it’s been stretched out for a week and numb for about three months. Swelling is common and should go away about six weeks after surgery, depending on which method of augmentation was used.

For the first couple of days post-op, you’ll need to be on a liquid or soft diet to eliminate any unnecessary movement. Your bandages will be removed after a week but you may need to wear a brace to help protect your chin for 4-6 weeks. You will not be able to return to work for a week to 10 days but light activity can be resumed on the day of surgery.

Twin City Plastic Surgery serves patients near the Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, and Decatur, IL area. Call 309-323-8120 to schedule your consultation for chin augmentation today.

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