Keep That Chin Up! When to Consider a Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Bloomington, ILWhen you were little, your parents likely told you that your worth comes from who you are on the inside and not who you are on the outside. And although that is beyond true, having an outward appearance that you are confident with and proud of, is something that is invaluable. Luckily, our surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery can help you achieve the look you have always wanted with a variety of surgical and non-invasive treatments.

One treatment that many patients aren’t aware of is a chin augmentation. During a chin augmentation, your chin can be made bigger or longer compared to the overall structure of the nose. By either using facial implants or reshaping the bones, a chin augmentation can help bring symmetry and balance to the entire face. So, who is an ideal candidate for a chin augmentation and when, if at all, should you consider getting one?

You Have a Recessed Chin

Does your chin seem to point inward rather than sticking outward like a traditional chin? Do you feel like you lack facial structure because of your recessed chin? If so, during a chin augmentation, our surgeons can help enlarge your chin to make it more poignant.

Your Chin Is too Prominent

Some patients have either a pointy or square shaped chin which makes it a prominent feature of their face. By reshaping the bones on your chin, however, our surgeons can work to soften the lines around it.

Your Nose Is Pronounced

Having large features can make you stand out from the crowd— whether you have large eyes, a large nose, or large lips, some of the most beautiful people in the world have these types of prominent features. However, although prominent features are something to be proud of, if you have a pronounced nose, accentuating your chin can help bring balance to your face.

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