Just Got Lipo? How to Maintain Your Slimmer Figure

Liposuction  Bloomington, ILLiposuction can seem like a miracle worker. By getting rid of stubborn fat, liposuction helps patients achieve a slimmer body in virtually no time.

If you recently got liposuction done from Twin City Plastic Surgery, a big “congratulations!” is in order. However, with the endless treats at Thanksgiving lurking behind the corner, you may be wondering, “How am I going to stay on track?” Even though liposuction can give you a push in the right direction, we still encourage patients to stick to a strict diet and exercise plan. So, what can you indulge in and how can you avoid extra weight gain this year?

Small Portions

Okay, so liposuction is not gastric bypass surgery which means that you will still have an appetite. But did you know that the average person eats way more than they need because of the portions in front of them? To avoid overeating during the holidays, fill your plate with smaller portions or use a smaller plate altogether— trust us, you’ll feel fuller than you are aware.

Watch the Fat

Butter, glorious butter. Even though butter should have its platform and be hailed the most glorious food of all, it’s terrible for your waistline and caloric intake. And, unfortunately, it’s everywhere— especially during this time of year. If you are the one doing the Thanksgiving cooking, consider cutting down the butter and trying recipes with fresh ingredients like fresh green beans drizzled with olive oil and covered in pine nuts.

Fill Up on Protein

The good news about Thanksgiving is that turkey is the main course. And, turkey is a lean meat that’s high in protein. Try to fill up on protein, like turkey, during your Thanksgiving feast.

Now that you’ve had your liposuction done, it’ is important to do your part by watching your calories. To learn more about liposuction, contact our Bloomington office today!

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