How to Make Sure Your Clarisonic Is Really Doing Its Job

Clarisonic Bloomington ILAlthough we offer a variety of in-office treatments to our patients, we know that good skin care really starts at home. As such, we offer patients an array of skin care products and gadgets, including the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is a handheld device that is used to cleanse the skin by using pulsating movements and a brush. And what’s so important about having clean skin? Everything. The cleaner the skin you have, the fewer breakouts, wrinkles, dirt, and oil you will have on our skin. To really ensure that your Clarisonic is doing its job, we have created a brief article with some hopefully helpful tips.

Wash It

Yes, the Clarisonic is supposed to wash your face, but did you know that you should also be washing your Clarisonic brush after every use. Remember that the cleaner your brush is, the cleaner it is going to be able to get your skin. To clean your brush, make sure that you use a little bit of soap and some warm water.

Use It

If you are going to get good results from any at-home system, then you need to be religious when using it. If you want to see clearer, healthier skin, then make sure that you are using your Clarisonic at least once a day, but we encourage patients to use it twice a day.

Replace Your Brush

Yes, keeping your Clarisonic brush clean is going to extend its life, but you should also replace it about every 3 to 4 months. Why? Brushes naturally harbor bacteria which can lead to breakouts galore.

If you haven’t already invested in a Clarisonic, now is the perfect time. To learn more about Clarisonic and other skin care systems that we offer, contact our office today at (309) 662-6772.

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