How to Get Cleaner, Clearer Skin

With fireworks at the beginning of the month and lots of sun exposure during the summer, having clean, clear skin may have never felt quite as far away as it is right now. Rather than just waiting until the end of summer to finally enjoy smoother, healthier skin, we have a few ways for you to clean up your skin and feel better about it in the process.

Cleanse Daily

If you want to have good skin, you should wash it at least twice a day. With so many pollutants in our air naturally combined with sun exposure and even the pollution from fireworks, summer is the best time to get into the habit of cleansing your skin regularly. If you aren’t good at remembering to wash your face with soap and water, then get some facial towelettes. Towelettes are a good way to get rid of dirt on your skin without the hassle of using a cleanser.

Get Hydrafacials

HydraFacials aren’t just popular because they feel good, but they are popular because of their unique cleansing capabilities. One of the first steps in a HydraFacial is to cleanse your skin to extract impurities from it. When you leave our office, your skin should feel soft, clean, hydrated and refreshed. To get the best results from your HydraFacial, try scheduling regular appointments with us.

Watch the Products

Skincare products in the US are notorious for being filled with parabens and sulfates, which are harmful to your skin. To get cleaner, clearer skin, try switching up your skin care products to ones that are more organic. Here at our office, we have a variety of different skin care lines that are formulated with natural ingredients to give you cleaner and clear skin.

Don’t spend the rest of your summer feeling like you have dirt caked on your face. Use these tips to cleanse and purify your skin. To learn more or to schedule your first hydrafacial, contact our Bloomington office and call (309) 662-6772.

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