How Does Losing Weight Affect Breast Implants?

We’re into the new year and new decade and if you haven’t been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, that’s just fine. However, if you have fully embraced the “new year, new me” mentality that’s prevalent this time of year, you might be wondering how your weight loss goals will or have impacted your breast implants. We’ve compiled some information you need to know before starting your weight loss journey.

Will my breast implants be affected by weight loss?

It depends. If you have small weight loss goals, like losing less than 20 pounds, you likely won’t be able to see a change in the size of your breasts. However, if you’re aiming for a bigger goal, then you might start to see a change. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the size of your breast implants will not change based on your weight loss. If your goal is to lose a significant amount of weight, your breasts will look larger on your new, smaller frame.

For this reason, we recommend that you are close to your target weight before you undergo breast augmentation surgery in the first place. During your initial consultation, you and your doctor should have discussed the ideal size and shape based on your figure then.

Will my breast implants still look good if I lose weight?

Yes! Your breast implants will still look good. Some people even think that their weight loss makes their breasts look even fuller because their frame is a little smaller. This is always a matter of preference though, so it’s hard to say if they’ll look better or not. If you are planning on losing weight, we recommend you do it before your augmentation and then continue to maintain that weight. There is no “perfect” weight you need to be before an augmentation surgery, it’s more about feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in and being able to maintain that weight.

If you have more questions about this or if you’d like to schedule a breast augmentation consultation call us today at (309) 662-6772.

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