Have You Heard About Thigh Lifts?

Thigh Lift Bloomington, ILIt’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade! Now more than ever, it’s time to focus on becoming the best you. Many people opt for health-centric goals that have to do with their appearance. While we support and encourage goals that promote a healthier you, we understand that sometimes you need an extra boost to get where you want to be. This is where plastic surgery can come in handy. One of our procedures that might not be as well-known as liposuction or abdominoplasty is medial thigh lifts. We’d like to discuss the basics of this procedure and what you can expect.

What is a medial thigh lift?

A medial thigh lift is a procedure that is done to reshape the thighs by removing extra skin and sometimes fat for a smoother, more contoured look to the lower body and thigh area.

Who is the ideal candidate for a thigh lift?

A surgical thigh lift is recommended for people who haven’t been able to achieve their goals through weight loss and fitness efforts. It may also be recommended for those who have undergone a major weight loss transformation to remove excess skin in the area. During your consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, we’ll be able to discuss whether or not this procedure is suited to you.

What is recovery from a thigh lift like?

Following surgery, your incisions will be wrapped in bandages and you will likely have a compression garment around your upper thigh to reduce swelling and support the new contour of your leg. We recommend following all of your recovery instructions provided by your surgeon. Many of these suggestions include drinking lots of water, eating healthy, taking medications at the correct intervals, and of course taking it easy for awhile. If you experience any severe pain or unexpected symptoms following your surgery, call us immediately or seek medical attention.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for a medial thigh lift or any other procedure we offer at Twin City Plastic Surgery, call (309) 662-6772. We proudly serve Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, and Decatur, IL.

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