How to Get Rid of Your Ingrown Hairs In Between Waxing Sessions

Ingrown hairs can not only look unattractive but they can be quite painful as well. By getting stuck in your hair follicle, ingrown hairs can become infected and can make things like applying lotion or deodorant to become uncomfortable. If you are an avid waxer but suffer from ingrown hairs in between waxing sessions, read on to learn more about how you can properly get rid of them.


  1. Exfoliate

Ingrown hairs can occur for a variety of reasons including your skin not being exfoliated well enough. Every few days— about twice a week— try to exfoliate your skin, especially around the area where you get ingrown hairs. By using an all natural exfoliating scrub either filled with sugar or salt you can help to slough off those first few layers of skin and encourage the ingrown hair to become loose.

  1. Avoid Oils

Oils are one of the best ways to moisturize your skin and give you that healthy looking glow. However, oils are also known for clogging pores which can lead to things like ingrown hairs. If you are in the habit of applying some sort of shower or moisturizing body oil on your skin, try taking a break from these oils for a little bit and see if you notice your ingrown hairs clear up a bit. Additionally, when coming into Twin City Plastic Surgery to get waxed, make sure to tell one of our aestheticians about your sensitivity to things like oils.

  1. Steam Your Skin

Whether you have accessibility to a sauna at your local gym or country club, or you don’t mind steaming a bit at home, steam creates the perfect way to loosen your hair follicles and release your ingrown hairs. Simply either allow steam from a sauna to loosen up the follicle or apply a warm wash cloth directly to your skin. Once your skin is moist and tender, try to remove the hair by using a clean pair of tweezers.

Whether on your face, bikini line, or even your legs, ingrown hairs are uncomfortable and unappealing to look at. If you have been experiencing some ingrown hairs in between your waxing treatments, try the above methods to help. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Twin City Plastic Surgery today!



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