Facts about Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is surgery to correct strangely shaped, very large or protruding ears. This procedure is usually performed on children.

Otoplasty Bloomington, IL

Sometimes, people are born with ears that are different shapes or sizes. Overly large ears, however, is a condition called macrotia. Some children are born with missing or partially developed auricle, which is the external part of the ears. This condition is called microtia. Treacher Collings syndrome can cause microtia. Doctors can reconstruct that part of the ear.

Protruding ears will go through a “pinning back” procedure to help them grow back flat, instead of sticking out. Some children are born with Stahl’s ear, where the ear is pointed at the top like Spock. Surgeons can also treat this condition, called Stah’s ear, by folding and stretching out cartilage.

These conditions, and any other ear problems, can be treated by a qualified surgeon. Some adults may want to fix the results of surgery they had as children. It is never too late to talk to your doctor about otoplasty.

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