Face It, Men are Getting Plastic Surgery Now

More Men are Embracing Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery procedures Bloomington, ILPlastic surgery has long been seen as something that women embraced but men shied away from, well not anymore. Men are beginning to seek out plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons to feel better about themselves or give them an edge in the workplace. In a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 31% of men said they are “extremely likely” to consider a cosmetic procedure (surgical or non-surgical).

Some of the top surgical procedures that men are seeking out are liposuction/body contouring, blepharoplasty (eyelids), rhinoplasty (nose), abdominoplasty (tummy), facelifts, breast reduction, and more. Men are also requesting minimally-invasive procedures such as laser hair removal, soft tissue fillers, and Botox injections.

What should men know before considering plastic surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks at play. If you are considering a certain procedure, do your research first and don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. A consultation with a doctor can help you determine the best procedures or treatments to address those areas you may be self-conscious about.

Some other general tips to prepare for plastic surgery are:

  • Be realistic about the outcome of surgery
  • Understand the risks involved
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Get as fit and healthy as you can
  • Seek advice if you are taking any medication, are overweight, or have on-going health problems or conditions

What is plastic surgery recovery like?

Your recovery time will vary depending on what procedure you’ve just been through. However, following your doctor’s post-op directions is critical in making sure you achieve the results you’re looking for. Some general tips and guidelines your instructions might include are:

  • Take adequate time off work
  • Get enough rest
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Do not use alcohol or cigarettes
  • Avoid strenuous activity, exercise, sports, and sex

You may also want to have a trusted friend or significant other around to help you while you recover for about a week following surgery.

If you or a loved one may be considering plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with us. We’d be happy to discuss your fears and concerns. Call us today at (309) 662-6772.

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