Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear Surgery in Bloomington, IL

Otoplasty is the reshaping of the outer ear to correct deformities, which may be a result of a childhood defect or injury to make the ears appear normal. This type of surgical procedure can either be done as a reconstructive or a cosmetic procedure.  One common case in cosmetic otoplasty is the pinning back of prominent ears to prevent them from “sticking out”; this is an elective procedure since protruding ears do not have any affect on the person’s ability to hear. Meanwhile, building up the outer ear after it has been damaged by injury is what is considered a reconstructive procedure.

Ear-reshaping techniques

The correction of protruding ears is corrected by utilizing two main techniques:

Ear splinting

This simple and safe method is usually done to treat babies who are less than six months old. Ear splinting is done by reshaping the soft cartilage with the use of a splint as support, keeping the ear still in its new position.

This technique is only done to infants since it would be too difficult to remodel the ear cartilage of older individuals using splints. In the case of older children, surgery is the only option for treatment.


Otoplasty is a procedure in which the cartilage is remodeled. This is particularly recommended for individuals whose ears are fully developed, such as children who have already reached the age of five. An otoplasty is done by positioning the ear closer to the head and creating the missing folds.

Recovering from Otoplasty

After the procedure, the ears will be bandaged for a few days, which cannot get wet, and after the bandages are removed, the patient will be required to wear a supportive headband. The headband has to be worn loosely over the ears every night.

Within a week following Otoplasty surgery, the patient can return to work or school, however activities that may cause injury and trauma to the ears must be avoided during the recovery period.

The surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery are all experienced with Otoplasty techniques and can consult with you as to whether this surgical procedure is right for your individual needs in Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, and Decatur, IL. Call (309) 662-6772 or fill out a Contact Form here to schedule an appointment.


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