Does My Child Need Their Ears Pinned

otoplastyAs a parent, we are both our children’s worst critic and their most enthused cheerleader. If your child’s ears stick out from their head in a more prominent way than most, you may want to consider having their ears surgically pinned by Twin City Plastic Surgery. Read on to learn more about this surgery in order to help you decipher if it’s the best option for you.

Why have their ears pinned?

Let’s face it: children are fairly cruel to other children. Whether it’s refusing to play with each other at recess or calling each other by foul names, children tend to bring out the worst in each other. If your child has experienced bullying at school for the size and placement of their ears or if you fear that they will experience some type of bullying, then you may want to have their ears pinned. Additionally, by getting their ears pinned at a young age, you can save your child the trouble of having to get the surgery done later on in life.

What is the surgery like?

This fairly invasive but standard procedure involves having your child sedated under anesthesia. Once sedated, one of the doctors at Twin City Plastic surgery will then make incisions either at the back of the ear (which is typically recommended) or at the front of the ear. Then, according to, “internal, non-removable sutures are used to create and secure the newly shaped cartilage in place.”

What is recovery like?

Recovery from this type of surgery will involve your child wearing a bandage around their ears and head for at least a few days following surgery. Once given the go-ahead, your child will be able to remove the bandages. However, your child should refrain from any rough play or contact sports for at least a few weeks following this surgical procedure. If your child is experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort during recovery, they may be prescribed a pain medication and an antibiotic to help ensure that they don’t get any sort of infection.

If you are interested in having your child’s ears pinned or if you would like to learn more about this procedure, contact our Twin City Plastic Surgery office today!

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