Brotox: Botox for Bros

Smiling manBotox has been deemed as a miracle injectable by plastic surgeons and patients alike. When first released, women everywhere were flocking to their girlfriends to show them the results that they never thought could be possible. And although women are still equally as excited about the results from Botox, some men are hopping on board too. Read on to learn more.

Men Have Wrinkles Too

Although it can seem like men can get away with a couple additional pounds around their middle and grey hair covering their head way more than women can, they still can’t get away with the effects of aging and how it affects their skin. If you’re a man, you’ve probably started to notice the appearance of horizontal wrinkles across your forehead, and maybe some subtle wrinkles around your eyes. If you are starting to feel a little self-conscious about the sudden onset of said wrinkles, maybe it’s time to consider Botox.

It’s Still Manly

No matter what you might think, Botox is still manly. Yes, your girlfriend, wife, sister, and mom might all get it, but they are doing it for a reason— because it works. Plus, you don’t have to get so much Botox that you start to look like a Ken doll. In fact, your plastic surgeon can work with you to ensure that the results you receive are subtle enough yet enough to make a difference at the same time.

Botox isn’t about competing with the women and men in your life on who can look younger for longer. However, if the women in your life are looking younger every year and you notice that you’re just looking more haggard then you might as well join them!

If you looked at the most handsome men in Hollywood, you would likely be surprised by how many of them have hopped on the Botox wagon. Although typically associated with women, Botox can be equally effective for men.

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