Ask Away: 3 Questions to Ask At Your Breast Enhancement Consultation

Breast AugmentationBefore you undergo any surgery from Twin City Plastic Surgery, you will be required to come into our office for an in-office consultation. If you are undergoing a breast enhancement surgery, now is the perfect time to not only learn about the recovery and procedure but to ask the surgeon who will be performing your surgery some questions. To help you leave your breast enhancement consultation feeling more informed and prepared, we have created a list of questions for you to ask. Read on to learn more.

Can I Exercise While In Recovery?

The short answer to this question is a “no.” Although you may be able to do some small stretches and go on short walks, you really shouldn’t be doing any strenuous activities while you are recovering. Specifically, activities that require you to bend over or do any jumping motion. However, after about two weeks and with the approval of your surgeon, you should be able to slowly get back into your regular workout routine. Just remember that if you start to feel pain when you start working out again to stop and take a break.

What Size Breasts Should I Get?

One of the biggest and most personal questions you will have to ask both one of our surgeons and yourself is what size of implants you should get. Although our doctors will give you a basic idea of what size they think would be suitable for your body, it is your decision. Before you come into our office, try to have a basic idea of how large or small you would like to go in regards to the size of your implants.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Surgery?

To help your recovery go as smoothly as possible, we encourage our patients to do the following things before surgery:

  •    Schedule time off of work
  •    Clean your house
  •    Go grocery shopping
  •    Schedule someone to pick you up from the hospital
  •    Put clean sheets on your bed
  •    Have loose fitting shirts cleaned and ready
  •    Fill prescriptions ahead of time

Come prepared to your breast enhancement consultation by asking questions similar to those listed above. To learn more about breast enhancement surgery or to schedule your consultation, contact Twin City Plastic Surgery today!


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