3 Steps to Perfect Brows

brow liftNothing can make a person, male or female, look quite as put together as having your eyebrows in the best shape as possible. However, it can be kind of difficult to know exactly how to get the right shape, volume, and color if you have never taken proper care of your eyebrows before. From getting them professionally waxed to learning how to properly pencil them in, this article will discuss three of the best ways to get the perfect eyebrows possible.

Are you sick of tweezing your eyebrows every few days but don’t want to get them waxed because you’re nervous about the results that you might get? When you go in to have your eyebrows waxed, you don’t have to go all out and get them waxed into a really thin shape. In fact, because fuller looking brows are in, you can just get the strays and stragglers waxed so you have more clean looking eyebrows. In order to make sure that your eyebrows stay looking good at all times, get them professionally waxed every 3-4 weeks. Have the experts at Twin City Plastic Surgery take care of you in the best way possible and get your brows waxed today!

As mentioned above, fuller and darker brows are all the rage. In order to get the most perfect brows, even all of the movie stars and celebrities use some sort of brow pencil in order to fill them in. Whether you use a pencil or some sort of eyebrow crayon, make sure to choose a shade that is a shade darker than your natural color eyebrow— this will help you to get a more voluminous look.

Another part of ensuring that your eyebrows look as good as possible is to make sure that they are trimmed. If you are like some people and have curly eyebrows, then they tend to look unkempt no matter how well they are waxed. However, by having the experts at Twin City Plastic Surgery trim your eyebrows after your wax, they will not only be perfectly shaped but they will lay perfectly as well.

To learn more about how you can get the best looking brows possible, contact the experts at Twin City Plastic Surgery today!

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