3 Myths About Liposuction Unveiled

weight gain liposuction plastic surgeryWhen it comes to the world of medicine and plastic surgery, it can seem like there are bizarre side-effects and uses for all different kinds of treatments on the market. And when it comes to routine plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, it can be hard not to believe many of the myths associated with this procedure, including weight gain. However, here are three myths about liposuction that will help you better understand this plastic surgery procedure and what it is ideally used for.

  1. It Helps the Obese

A lot of people believe that liposuction is used to help the obese lose an excess amount of weight. However, that is completely false. In fact, liposuction is used to primarily treat target “pain points” where individuals are having a hard time losing weight such as their stomach or upper thighs. However, liposuction in by no means is used to curb your appetite or give you extreme weight loss results all around your body— that would be left up to something like the Lap Band.

  1. You Will Gain It Back

There’s a stigma with liposuction that the results don’t last and that you will gain it back fairly quickly. However, that’s only the case for individuals who think they are suddenly invisible to weight gain. It’s important for patients to remember that just because they had liposuction, it doesn’t give them a free pass to eat whatever they want without exercising. In fact, in order to maintain your slimmer figure, you should be eating a healthy diet and working out on a regular basis.

  1. You Can Quickly Go Back to Work

Due to its fairly invasive nature, liposuction will require at least a few days of recovery time until you are able to go back to work. And you won’t be able to do things like intense workouts or lift anything heavy for at least a few weeks afterwards. Remember that it takes time for your body to heal after liposuction and that you shouldn’t rush the healing process because it could only cause more damage in the lung run.

It’s hard not to believe everything you read on the Internet, but by debunking these three myths about liposuction, you can feel more informed about the process.

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