3 Basic Makeup Application Tips

makeup application twin cityNothing is quite as unattractive is looking at a beautiful woman who has makeup that’s way too dark, thick, and just looks bad. Wearing makeup isn’t about concealing imperfections. In fact, it’s about enhancing them. By knowing how to properly apply makeup, you can accentuate your features, hide your blemishes, and feel as beautiful as ever. Luckily, here at Twin City Plastic Surgery, we offer makeup tutorials to help you apply makeup from start to finish. This article will discuss a few basic makeup tips that will make a big difference. Read on to learn more.

Get Properly Matched for Foundation

One of the worst things you can do when applying makeup is to use a foundation that doesn’t match your skin. If you are buying a foundation from a drugstore, you will have a hard time finding the right shade. However, if you go into a department store or store like Sephora, one of the makeup artists can match you with the right shade.

Softly Apply Powders

One thing that young girls in particular do is they apply bronzer and blush with a lot of force which can make them look less natural and like their makeup is caked on. The trick when using bronzer and blush is to apply it with a gentle touch. Softly dip your brush in the powder and when applying it to your skin, don’t smash it but gently sweep it across your face.

Blend It

Another makeup trick that many newbies fail to do is blend properly. Although you are applying makeup to your face, you need to blend it into your ears and neck— the last thing you want is to have a distinct line between your cheek and neck. To blend, take a bronzing or powder brush and gently dip it in a bronzer. Then, starting from your cheekbone, gently bring the powder down all across your neck.

Properly applying makeup is an art. However, by using the tips listed above, you can look a little more subtle. To learn more makeup tips, schedule an appointment with Twin City Plastic Surgery for a makeup tutorial class.



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